the briefest possible commentary on biebloom (a saga in which leo “SUMMER OF MY LIFE” dicaprio is, of course, involved)

so i was toying with the idea of writing something about biebloom (ie. bedlam starring justin bieber and orlando bloom) then i heard my former forever love leo “SUMMER OF MY LIFE” dicaprio was involved in the melee and thought yeah, probably oughta.

THEN the daily mail posted this amazingly helpful diagram and companion article illustrating how pretty much most of B-list hollywood (+ my former forever love leo “SUMMER OF MY LIFE” dicaprio- who defies limitation to a single hollywood hierarchy) can all be connected to miranda kerr’s Web of Doom.

web of doom

so let’s unpack, ya’ll.

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as it winds down, some thoughts on THE SUMMER OF EXPLOSIVE DRAMA-BOMBSHELLS and gossip fatigue

oh, ya”ll.

but then maybe you don’t even care about gossip (in which case, why are you here?) so you’ve no idea the number of explosive bombshells we’ve been dealt these past few months. i will recap. Continue reading

jackie onassis, the porno, the photog, the flip and k.stew

in the episode of jackie onassis, the swedish porno and the photog, i posited the notion that this was a tale wherein jackie, a character who so rarely seems in control of her narrative, is cast as a dominatrix and she is, undoubtedly, in charge. but is that true? can one ever control narrative?

in the immediate aftermath of the i am curious (yellow) incident, the tabloids sallied forth to wrest any victory away from her with an especially shrill, NO! she didn’t do it! she couldn’t have! jackie was framed, ya’ll! Continue reading

consumer reports! deep(ish) thoughts on how people believe what they read and why they maybe shouldn’t (especially when it comes to gossip [even if it’s presented as news])

the #1 most amazing thing i’ve encountered about what- for lack of a better phrase- i’m going to term The TomKat Situation is that people really do believe what they read. like, all of it.

never mind that it’s gossip and that it’s trickled over to CNN or HuffPo or Fox News via US Weekly and nobody in their right mind would trust what they read in US Weekly. once it gets there over on CNN or HuffPo or Fox News or [insert the name of your reputable news source], it’s truth. Continue reading