totally random gossip nostalgia trip: gwyneth paltrow + brad pitt edition

YOU GUYS. remember when this was the height of cool?


pitt and paltrow hooked up during the filming of se7en in 1995 and were engaged for a quick bit in 1997. then paltrow moved on to the batfleck and pitt moved on to jennifer “america’s sweetheart” aniston and that was that. but for awhile there things were pretty and shiny and matchy… my god, were they matchy. let’s look back.

brad-pitt-et-gwyneth-paltrow-45665_w1000 gwyneth-paltrow-brad-pitt-liebeskarussell-h


22245 1422421--brad-pitt-et-gwyneth-paltrow-950x0-1 brad-pitt-gwyneth-paltrow

pittpaltrow95 13gwyneth-brand-cas _d86d8015_5c69_e0f2_5d92_2c202e65826a Classic+Images+of+Brad+Pitt+1PKEZtSoPC0x 1422422-brad-pitt-et-gwyneth-paltrow-plan-950x0-1



Brad-Pitt-walked-red-carpet--girlfriend-Gwyneth-Paltrow A1JsJtFzkEL._SL1500_


1382559-brad-pitt-et-gwyneth-paltrow-a-la-1ere-950x0-2 22464_gwyneth_paltrow_and_brad_pitt_both_wearing_sunglasses_at_party_for_her_film_the_pallbearer_ave_allocca_jpeg

G1BRAD01 2D A ENT USA NY media_547045777_tom-cruise-a-fost-iubitul-lui-cher-uite-cele-mai-ciudate-cupluri-de-vedete-galerie-foto-164513 Gwyneth-Brad

slide_289004_2277153_freeand because matching shades were not enough…

GwynethBradPitt Ke.Mazur brad_pitt_takes_his_fiancee_g msg-129262199093-3


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