totally random gossip nostalgia trip: gwyneth paltrow + brad pitt edition

YOU GUYS. remember when this was the height of cool?


pitt and paltrow hooked up during the filming of se7en in 1995 and were engaged for a quick bit in 1997. then paltrow moved on to the batfleck and pitt moved on to jennifer “america’s sweetheart” aniston and that was that. but for awhile there things were pretty and shiny and matchy… my god, were they matchy. let’s look back.

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OBSESSION: tippi hedren’s lion

tippi hedren has recently come out and said ‘We were stupid beyond belief to have that lion in our house’, which is how i found out about this. BUT, yes, it’s true, once upon a time, tippi hedren and her family had a pet lion. something that would really only make sense in the 70s because the 70s were amazing. and which also means, yes, melanie griffith grew up in a lion’s den.  let’s look back…


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totally random gossip nostalgia trip: angelina + billy bob edition

i was recently talking to someone (and if this was you, forgive me… there’ve been so many conversations in the last two months, i can’t remember which one was with who!) about the generational problem of selling a book. for example, jackie’s onassis years are vividly remembered by people who were alive then though they’ve subsequently fallen out of the biographical record. there’s a parallel to be drawn here, between jackie’s greek past and angelina jolie’s marriage to billy bob thornton. in the sense that they are both something that was vividly experienced by the people who were alive and watching then, and yet also stories that will be entirely rewritten in retrospect.

jolie’s shift towards humanitarianism is now the key point, not the fact that she was once married to a man a wore a vial of his blood.

people born after 2000 may not even know that detail and it’s unlikely they’ll remember her for it. whilst for people of my generation, we remember. so, in the interest of NEVER FORGETing, let’s take a walk down nostalgia’s lane…


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totally random gossip nostalgia trip: tom cruise + nicole kidman edition


so it was a long week and i’d an ear infection and wound up spending the majority of saturday in a swoon state watching far and away. which reminded me why i ❤ tommy cruise (in spite of himself) and why tommy cruise and nicole kidman were my celebrity couple ideal. Continue reading