sourcing the times: the rise of charlize theron, brand ambassador for the concept of ghosting, per the new york times

TRUE STORY: based on the New York Times’ use of her, it’s safe to say that charlize theron is basically now the brand ambassador for “ghosting.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 7.10.17 PM

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totally random gossip nostalgia trip: gwyneth paltrow + brad pitt edition

YOU GUYS. remember when this was the height of cool?


pitt and paltrow hooked up during the filming of se7en in 1995 and were engaged for a quick bit in 1997. then paltrow moved on to the batfleck and pitt moved on to jennifer “america’s sweetheart” aniston and that was that. but for awhile there things were pretty and shiny and matchy… my god, were they matchy. let’s look back.

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