the epic throwdown: jackie o vs. jackie k

at present, my jackie as fictional character studies come down to this: the january 1971 issue of MOTION PICTURE.

you guys, it is SO RICH, i can’t even.

but it has me wondering: do i need to explicity state that (biographically speaking) i couldn’t care less about jackie’s kennedy years? is that something that needs to be declared and defended, or can we all proceed with life as ususal?

in the interest of trying to get everyone on board, i will mount the tiniest of cases by saying this:

the 1962 commemorative magazine JACKIE and LIZ summarized jackie thusly: “WOMAN OF THE YEAR,” “Mistress of the Washington Merry Go-Round,” and “First in the Hearts of Her Countrymen,” she “KEEPS HER MAN HAPPY,” is “SURROUNDED BY LOVE” and only “Leaves Her Home For Service.”

in contrast, jackie onassis moves to greece. she’s reviled in america. she and her pirate of a husband have hot sex but she can’t make him happy and he returns to his lover. jackie’s alone, surrounded by stuff—clothes, diamonds, houses, yachts. but she is, during this time, also alarmingly free. she lets her hair grow long. she walks down the streets of capri in bare feet. she is the only first lady in american history to appear in public without her bra.

be honest. which story do you want to read?

(photographs: author’s collection, mark shaw, settimio garritano)

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