stream of conscious reflections re: this picture of NKOTB

(1) why are they shirtless?

(3) why is jonathan NOT shirtless?

(4) did you notice he wasn’t shirtless or did your mind automatically deshirt him like mine did the first 10 times i cast my eyes upon this image?

(5) i have cast my eyes upon this image entirely too many times.

(6) jordan totally has what i imagine to have been my friend dougo’s 2002 hair.

(7) was this photograph taken with danny’s iphone?


(9) i mean, obviously, they’re in a shower.

(10) but WHY?

(11) is this pre or post shower?

(12) or are they just in this shower for a photo-op?

(13) OR is this a famous shower and they are here as topless tourists?

(14) what does it say about me that i assume they came to shower?

(15) or that, upon seeing his flawless fauxhaw, i wondered if jordan wears a shower cap?

(16) again, WHY?

(17) was jonathan the only one who thought: “hey guys, i’ma throw on a shirt, cuz this is gonna look way wack if we all do this topless”?

(18) and everybody else was like, “naw, dude, we’s gonna stay topless so The Fanz can see how pumped our shoulders is.”

(19) yes, i assume they all speak like jar jar binks via 8 mile.

(20) and OH. MY. GOD. it took me that long to see the staches.


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