checking in with my celebrity boyfriend adrien brody, artist, at art basel; celebrity, art and life

in things i made a huge, big deal about and then never followed-up on, my boyfriend adrien brody debuted his Art at art basel a few weeks ago.

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an extremely superficial reading of the figure skating fashion influences evident in what my boyfriend adrien brody wore to the met ball

i’m sorry, i’ve been horribly remiss in celebrating my boyfriend adrien brody’s sartorial choices for this year’s met ball. all apologies. voila! WHAT IZ UP?! departs The Mark Hotel for the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2015 in New York City.

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the briefest possible commentary on biebloom (a saga in which leo “SUMMER OF MY LIFE” dicaprio is, of course, involved)

so i was toying with the idea of writing something about biebloom (ie. bedlam starring justin bieber and orlando bloom) then i heard my former forever love leo “SUMMER OF MY LIFE” dicaprio was involved in the melee and thought yeah, probably oughta.

THEN the daily mail posted this amazingly helpful diagram and companion article illustrating how pretty much most of B-list hollywood (+ my former forever love leo “SUMMER OF MY LIFE” dicaprio- who defies limitation to a single hollywood hierarchy) can all be connected to miranda kerr’s Web of Doom.

web of doom

so let’s unpack, ya’ll.

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there are celebrities i cannot stand and justin timberlake is #1 (a personal meditation [part 3])

i knew this was going to happen. i knew that in doing this i was going to run slipshod over really really important things, which is precisely what i did last week.

hey, remember how we were talking about j.tim’s wedding???


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additional thoughts on naomi campbell as relates to my 90s boyfriend adam clayton and my current boyfriend adrien brody (whose holiday clothes are THE WORST)

in things i completely forgot about until a random listen of zooropa today, naomi campbell totally used to go out with my 90s boyfriend adam clayton. remember that?


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