oops! i published a book!

completely forgot to acknowledge that here, and it’s kind of the whole thing that brung us.

i writing with feeling, i play the piano with feeling, i can communicate feeling, but also i have a really hard time feeling the feelings, for and within myself.

trauma, yo! 💖

so i’m still processing. i’m working on locating and identifying the feelings. bear with me. there will be words someday.

in the meantime: buy this book!!!

i hear it’s pretty good.

in the meantime also, there are podcasts:

Kennedy Dynasty podcast

HERstory on the Rocks podcast

New Books Network podcast 

[all available on apple podcasts as well]

plus articles…

Feature article in The Beacon

K Street Magazine review

plus a whole event wherein i discuss the making, the book, the whole ordeal for the length of a rom com…

Book Launch at Lost City Books

there’s your content. there’ll be new words eventually.

spoiler alert: i have written about her, but i have not found her. i don’t know that we ever fully find anyone. and that’s the adventure, innit.

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