the pathos of jackie kennedy dolls on etsy, vol. 4, no. 2

hi. hello. remember how this is a thing we do? basically go fug yourself but with dolls?

nope? may i refer you to my rich seam of informal, doctoral-level scholarship on emotions and dolls: HERE.

yep? let’s roll.

as has been the case in recent years, the franklin mint will dominate here, so let’s go ahead and get our girl madame alexander out of the way.

do you ever just feel like…….

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times to remember

that’s the title of rose kennedy’s 1974 memoir.

at this point my biggest memory of times to remember is of the time i spent in the research room at the jfk library powering through the cassette tapes of rose kennedy’s recorded interviews with someone whose name i cannot remember.

someone who may or may not have been her ghost writer?

someone who definitely did not know to pause their question asking when planes flew overhead.

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typical, i’ve a strong sense of occasion and nothing really to say. 

today is 22nd november. 

58 years ago, the woman i’ve spent the last 18 years writing about was sitting beside her husband when he was shot by a man using a mail order rifle (retail = $19.95).

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“franco-ing” and a very important update on my boyfriend adrien brody, artist

and no, no, ALAS. he is not taking my unsolicited career advice and starring in a salvadore dali biopic so my unsolicited career advice still stands.

via adrien brody, instagram

via adrien brody, instagram

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a moment of reflection on our cultural loss: the importance of hair dryers in mid-20th century american life

because biographical research takes one to all manner of rando places, i’ve been thinking about hair dryers today.

this isn’t really sooooooo random. the magazines i’m writing about were believed, at the time, to be the province of “The ladies under the hair dryers in the nations beauty salons” and because beauty parlors and hair dryers are two things that have rather radically changed within american culture in the last half century, it makes sense to do some research into what they were like and reflect on the changes that have come. 


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did you know…

finding jackie has a facebook page? yeah, we do. and, yes, i use “we” in the royal sense. jackie would approve. so you should maybe like that. please? come, journey with me into an exciting world of celebrity, biography, adventure, and incredibly sexist advertisements.