one last thought re: clooney getting married

this relationship roll-out is weird, non?

why are all these details slipping out?? that she played hard to get. that he’s going to be in london more. that he got down on bended knee to propose. that they want kids ASAP.

why is he telling us all this stuff??? why did he set up this exclusive with people so we could see the ring???

georgecover--zhe’s george clooney. he’s been a star for ages. he’s one of the more deft celebs at managing his private life (almost too deft as it had begun to be predictable that he would rotate girlfriends for awards season). he gets the game. so why did he feel the need to blab to people about “the woman who won his heart”?


they’re in love. i get it. but from a PR standpoint, this is bonkers.

as celebitchy notes: “Clooney is so stuck in the old-media paradigm, it’s like he doesn’t realize that by leaking all of these details about his proposal and The Ring, he sounds sort of try-hard.” 

which is, i just figured out, what’s bothering me.

because this…


ain’t all that far from this…

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at 'Batman Begins film premiere 6th June 2005


slide_236496_1177564_original album_large_1257046



One thought on “one last thought re: clooney getting married

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