totally random gossip nostalgia trip: tom cruise + nicole kidman edition


so it was a long week and i’d an ear infection and wound up spending the majority of saturday in a swoon state watching far and away. which reminded me why i ❤ tommy cruise (in spite of himself) and why tommy cruise and nicole kidman were my celebrity couple ideal. Continue reading

random thoughts upon reading the “vanity fair” scientology article, seeing “the master” and rewatching tom cruise’s 2005 oprah appearance, wherein he jumped the couch

re: the master. i liked it. except for p.s.hoff singing at the end, which was hands down the most difficult moment of a difficult film. the key change = DEEPLY uncomfortable, ohmygod. Continue reading

consumer reports! deep(ish) thoughts on how people believe what they read and why they maybe shouldn’t (especially when it comes to gossip [even if it’s presented as news])

the #1 most amazing thing i’ve encountered about what- for lack of a better phrase- i’m going to term The TomKat Situation is that people really do believe what they read. like, all of it.

never mind that it’s gossip and that it’s trickled over to CNN or HuffPo or Fox News via US Weekly and nobody in their right mind would trust what they read in US Weekly. once it gets there over on CNN or HuffPo or Fox News or [insert the name of your reputable news source], it’s truth. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: emergency thoughts re: tom cruise, celebristar (ie. ouch, mine eyes/heart; the men you love in your youth will always let you down)

there was a time when i loved tom cruise. (confession: just looking into his velvety eyes right there, i’m more than  a little in love with him now.)

mind you, i like my men a little wrecked and my celebrity crushes have always, accordingly, been suspect. odds are i was the only 14-year-old with a scrapbook dedicated to matthew modine, isaac mizrahi and michael hutchence. not that i ever told anyone. that crushing was top secret.

tom cruise was legit, mainstream. a celebrity i could share with all my friends because he was safe, sturdy, and conventionally good-looking. he seemed like a beautiful man with whom my younger self could’ve had a very happy, totally fictitious, very public life (while i secretly bitched to isaac mizrahi and romanced matthew modine and michael hutchence on the side).

this was way back. like, in the before times.

before the internet. before rosie o’donnell was a lesbian. before katie holmes and oprah’s couch.

these were the good old days. remember those? Continue reading