an ode to elizabeth taylor’s headdress (ie. every findable photograph of The Greatest Fashion Moment of All Time)

so i wasn’t even thinking about liz taylor at all, which is a rare occurrence as i feel she’s rather one of those people who should always be on the mind…


if only when one applies eye make-up because, well, yeah:

but, for once i wasn’t thinking about her and was googling something entirely else. which, in turn, led to this random slideshow, wherein there was this random photograph of dame ET.

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 9.14.07 PM

which seemed entirely out of place in a slideshow featuring select scenes from a museum exhibit on italian fashions until i realized: The Greatest Fashion Moment of All Time was brought to us by bulgari. as is this exhibit. meaning: The Greatest Fashion Moment of All Time is currently IN.MY.TOWN.

you guys.

except not even at all, because what’s really at the v&a is the bulgari NECKLACE. y’know, the necklace you hardly notice in that photograph because of what is happening on la liz’s head above it? that thing. impressive on its own. hardly noticeable in this context. but still, let’s not let that stop us dwelling on The Greatest Fashion Moment of All Time…

let’s set the scene.


elizabeth taylor was, let’s be real, not a woman given to timidity when it came to hair accoutrements.

0_731a3_f0500bf5_XL 1-cleopatra-elizabeth-taylor-1963-everettin films or in real life.

Elizabeth Taylor

burton wedding #1


and if you’re thinking this moment from dr. faustus was the peak…


well, you be wrong. because OBVIOUSLY…



oh, but that’s just the dress. this is the main event:

3241a7688062 (1)

the daisy bindi really pulls the look together


no, literally, the 1968 film boom!


full disclosure: i’ve not see it. but given that the promotional poster involves both burton and taylor with mouths that can only be described as mid-argument, i’m assuming it involves a lot of yelling and a lot of fighting.

the trailer does not entirely prove me wrong, and it does really, really make me want to watch the movie, because wtf?!

tennessee williams?! noel coward?! in a drama set in what appears to be a future long long ago and far away?! sign me up.


this photograph raises so many more questions than it answers

sadly, boom! bombed, as did the taylor-burtons, but boom! and taylor united to bring us this headdress.

which was so amazeballs…




do they sell this ensemble at lululemon?

that she dropped the dickie and wore the whole get-up out…

9154_1322537485_2 (1)

in the real world…


like you do.

gal-obit-taylor-4-jpgthe internet thinks it’s 1968. or ’69.

and, according to a lone photo caption on pinterest, that this is the bal oriental.


which is the name of a masked ball or a hotel, or a masked ball in a hotel, or a masked ball and a hotel.


in rio. or paris. or neither.

the V&A says it’s a masked ball at hotel ca’rezzonico in venice, 1967. so let’s go with that.

we are, as you might have already guessed, in a world of muddy details.

but what we do have is that UH-MAZING business atop taylor’s head and photographs of it (nearly all of them now aggregated in this post).


and we’ve one other thing… guess who else was there…


he’s tiny. did you miss him? let’s try again:


ari #NotAPirate onassis was there!!!

in, like, super close proximity to all this headdress business. about which he seems uncertain…


maybe the only photograph ever where liz taylor wearing THAT could actually blend in

i’m trying to figure out how this fits into my effort to say he maybe doesn’t have to a pirate. at least not always.

it does, right? because now we know, even if he’s a pirate, he’s also someone who comes to a masked ball in a standard-issue tux and- drink in one hand, cigar in the other- sits next to liz taylor all night.


One thought on “an ode to elizabeth taylor’s headdress (ie. every findable photograph of The Greatest Fashion Moment of All Time)

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