dear lindsay lohan, THIS is how it’s done

hey, remember last fall when the lifetime channel tried to get us to believe this?

and the whole world heaved a collective hell no?

yeah. that happened. mind you, i love me some bad tv and i was prepared to love liz and dick in spite of its inevitable badness. what i was not prepared for was the abyss of unbearable awful that liz and dick is.

i'm so bored

fun trick: watch liz and dick. watch it for as long as you can stand, until you think the absolute maximum possible amount of time has passed- the point at which you begin wondering if this is, in fact, a four-hour film- then pause it and check the time. since i began conducting this experiment on friends, the group average has been 16 minutes. for reals.

i say all of that to say this: the BBC is producing a film on taylor and burton. it stars helena bonham carter and dominic west. although HBC is striking me as a little too karen walker, solely on the basis of this publicity still, this film is already thousands of times more interesting than liz and dick.


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