such was the nature of 2018 that i- a woman with her good ear perpetually to the ground of celebrity gossip- TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW THIS.

not until, like, now. when i was reading an essay on memphis music and thought biography.com wasn’t enough of a credible source and wondered if there were any biographies of j.tim to recommend to this student and then………. LO.

on 29 october 2018, hindsight & all the things i can’t see in front of me apparently came into the world.

and then, a blessed 144 days of my not knowing this detail later, hindsight & all the things i can’t see in front of me came into my world.

are we surprised it looks like this?

(via amazon)

are we surprised he did this?

(via instagram)

but, also, did you think it would be so freaking big??!

(via instagram)

KK’s selfish is, like, a freaking masterpiece, and is roughly comparable in size to a large index card.

i get it. it’s a book of selfies. selfies are of a certain size. but, nonetheless, since it arrived in the mail, i have not ceased to be disappointed in its dimensions. i’ve not owned multiple rooms, much less a coffee table, in the years since, but if i had a coffee table, i would want selfish on it. alas, it would be mistaken for a coaster instead of reading material.

my point being, whycome j.tim warrants this many trees???

you recall i am not a fan, right?

i mean, it’s been a good long while, but yeah. nah.

hard pass. still. though i’ve not really thought about him in all that time.

this makes me ponder though. how vast is my bubble??! or, alternatively, how de-timberlaked is my bubble? that the man, who remains fairly famous, could release a memoir and i would not even know.

i was alive in october 2018.

life was fairly straight-forward, with minimal traumas.

i was reading the internet and writing about celebrity and memoir in october 2018.

and yet, AND YET, it took 144 days for the news that justin timberlake had published a memoir to reach me?!

it only took the pony express ten days to get mail across the country.

i feel like we have been led to expect more of the modern era.

but you know what? i kind of wish i’d never known.

because, be real, and i’m not being mean here, just being honest: do we need this bullshit?


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