stray thoughts re: gloria emerson

gloria emerson was in my dreams last night.

in twenty years, i’ve had a grand total of two jackie dreams, so gloria emerson is already giving her a run for her money.


gloria emerson by dorothy marder, End of War Rally, Central Park, May 11, 1975

gloria emerson and jackie were friends. apparently going waaaaaaay back into the 1950s, when they ran in the same social circles and emerson was dating a kennedy friend.

in 1974, emerson wrote a profile of JKO for mccall’s. it is one of my favorite pieces of contemporary writing on jackie.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.42.02 AM


and it is one of the great tragedies of my research life that i have been unable to locate photographic or archival evidence of this friendship between them.

especially as it seems to have been important.

asked about her life had she not married, JKO¬†once said she envisioned her life might’ve wound up looking like gloria emerson’s.


gloria emerson by richard avedon

gloria emerson was the new york times‘ reporter in saigon in the early 1970s.

how does that fact reshape your view of jackie?

UPI, Roswell Daily Record, 11 February 1979

UPI, Roswell Daily Record, 11 February 1979

she also OWNED john lennon in this interview where he and yoko suggest smiling will bring peace.

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