a stream of consciousness response to this 1976 photo of jackie onassis and the mccartneys

jo and mccartneys


jackie and the mccartneys would be pretty much the best band name ever. like barbie and the rockers, which OF COURSE, brings up THE BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS CONCERT IN SPACE FOR PEACE!!!!!

because, really, what road doesn’t lead back to that?

so jackie. and the mccartneys.

jo and mccartneys 3

yes, virginia, beautiful people take bad pictures too.

actually, to be more precise, beautiful people take the exact same picture that two friends and i took at our high school junior prom.

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 8.49.52 PM

oh yeah. THEY DID.

speaking of fashions… if you were not blinded by the sheen of our 1998 dresses, perhaps you noticed the waists on the mccart’s 1976 jeans are très high.

oh, but WAIT. the mccart’s waists are NOTHING to that spare knuckle of ring riding on jackie’s left ring-finger.

jo and mccartneys 4


i cannot tell because my eye has immediately wandered up to JACKIE’S FRINGE JACKET.

jo and mccartneys 2


which inevitably makes me think of REBA.


but back to jackie onassis’s FRINGE JACKET and its many implications for the writing of biography.

see, you think you know someone. i mean, you really think you know them after writing about them for ten plus years and you come to terms with the fact that they can look like this:

jackie yellow dress jaques lowe

and also like this:

1970s: Getty Images

1970s: Getty Images

and that they are one in the same. they are still the same person. there is a consistent thread of being that links both, though they are, aesthetically, universes apart.

but then. THEN. ten years in, you see this:

jo and mccartneys 2

and it is like, JACKIE, who are you?!!?

can it be that she’s not the mary? she’s the rhoda.


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