super brief thoughts on still photographs, paparazzi, video and victoria beckham

this morning, i had this sweet plan to write an open letter to my all-time favorite celebrity girlcrush victoria beckham.


but then i got distracted and fell down a wormhole of google image searches, and it suddenly struck me that it’s worth mentioning how incredibly disingenuous it is that our ¬†consumption of star-images is so often confined to still photographs.


our gossip is usually photograph-based. meaning: there’s a photo, somebody writes a story to accompany it, and then i read that story and see the photos. voila! except this is kind of unfortunate¬†because photographs tell a limited story. photographs are, by necessity, always silent, always still.


i think, if we’re to be responsible consumers of gossip (if there is even such a thing), it’s important to watch a video every now and again. if only as a reminder that this whole business of the celebrity-industrial-complex is, in fact, a business. and not nearly so silent, still, and pretty as it might appear.

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