your plant is reaching out, trying to find the sun [life-writing, 3 {being in time}]

Denis Petrov and Elena Bechke of Russia performing in the pairs skating event during the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, France, circa February 1992. (Photo by Eileen Langsley/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

i inherited a zz plant in may 2020. like all plants, so it seems, this one is billed by everyone on the internet as “indestructible.” and, like so many of the “indestructible” plants i have encountered in my life, it is clearly my unconscious desire to take that as a dare and kill this thing.


i went down a rabbit hole the other day looking for viktor petrenko’s mid-90s exhibition routine choreographed to salt ‘n’ peppa’s “whatta man.”

this does not, apparently, exist on the internet. still. i have been looking for nigh on a decade and the internet has yet to provide.

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saturday morning: writing about tonya harding, 1994 and the olympic games.

to the kid in a nearby flat who does piano practice for 15 mins every saturday morning and has been working on the jurassic park theme for months now: BLESS YOU. it’s getting better.