Finding Jackie: Notes and Bibliography

NOTES PROLOGUE x. “They said her independence and courage…” Bradford, pg. 23; Thayer, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, pg. 14. x. “the circus queen.” Thayer, pg. 36. x. “not to be a housewife.” Ibid., pg. 67. x. “Can you think…” Telegraph, 22 April 2011. x. “I’m an outsider…”Kelley, pg. 323. xi. “In the larger bear hug…” Time, […]


because i *am* writing about kim kardashian but i’m at that stage of the writing process where the writing is being actively avoided, not because it isn’t going to happen but because i’m waiting for it to become MAXIMALLY UNCOMFORTABLE so that i will have no choice, mental-health-wise, but to do it, no matter how […]

on jessica simpsons’s memoir

i am giving myself exactly one hour and thirty-eight minutes in which to write about this. because there are 19 papers that need to be graded and i’m leaving for an estate sale with a friend at 9:45, but there are things i gots to say. THE JESSICA SIMPSON MEMOIR IS AMAZING.


such was the nature of 2018 that i- a woman with her good ear perpetually to the ground of celebrity gossip- TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW THIS. not until, like, now. when i was reading an essay on memphis music and thought wasn’t enough of a credible source and wondered if there were any biographies […]

there was that one time

***Update 6/21: THIS IS A POST ABOUT THE BIOGRAPHER CHARLES J. SHIELDS*** on the occasion of my 33rd birthday, an older man i considered a professional mentor sent me a facebook message asking if i wanted children and whether i might help him continue his line.

the pathos of elvis rings (emotions via britney)

oh hello. i know, i know. long time no words. forgive me. in a life of approximately 9,000,000,000 projects (give or take a few), it is sometimes hard to remain a word factory in all available venues. but yo, i’m back! the world is a pit of drear and suck. let’s talk about totally superficially […]