there was that one time


on the occasion of my 33rd birthday, an older man i considered a professional mentor sent me a facebook message asking if i wanted children and whether i might help him continue his line.

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jackie, janet and lee: “women who existed only to captivate the world’s richest and most powerful men” (emotions via britney)

today, class, a close reading of the DM’s article of 16 february 2018, entitled: “Sisters who competed to snare the world’s richest men: Schooled by their mother to seek out power, a new book reveals the jealousy between Jackie O and sister Lee and how they both bedded JFK.”

i mean, just right there, yeah?

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harry will marry: stray thoughts

and LO! when you say for years and years that someone HAS TO MARRY, eventually they will and you will be right.

(via @KensingtonRoyal)

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and the part of jacqueline kennedy onassis will be played by kim kardashian or taylor swift

well, well. so it’s one of those mornings where i went to bed thinking i’d write about one thing and woke up to discover i needed to write about something else.

because last night this struck me as nothing, beyond its imminent usefulness to me.

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oh hello

The Way Up! ’tis here.


the totally (well… ish) amateur podcast you didn’t know you needed and hopefully very soon will not be able to live without. wherein the uh-mazing sarah hosein and i talk about life and death and culture and stories and feminism with assorted amazing people. Continue reading