AND LO! valérie trierweiler, francois hollande, thank you for this moment: THE MOVIE (thoughts on dangerous women)

it is like the gods looked deep deep into their grab bag and said, YES. 

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yes, yes. it’s for real. THANK YOU FOR THIS MOMENT: THE MOVIE. i die. Continue reading

continuing thoughts on valérie trierweiler (FLOTUS, silence, scandal [+ a hit of plath])

so i’ve written about valérie trierweiler a couple times now. first, in the immediate aftermath of the clusterwhoops with françois hollande back in january, looking at what was going on there with the meanings attached to the position of first lady. and again in september, when it was revealed that she had a memoir and the french were freaking out.

why am i writing about her now? because trierweiler’s memoir is coming to england.

the daily mail‘s headlines are always so good at summary because they include nearly every detail of an article, so let’s start with them:

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 8.13.39 AM



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a smattering of commentary re: valerie trierweiler, françois hollande, and the french first family’s current clusterwhoops

do you know about this? is this being bandied about elsewhere or is it only capturing the interest of those of us who click on the ‘world news’ tab of the new york times?

so, in quick… france’s president in this guy:


françois hollande. and the woman shown with him there is valerie trierweiler. Continue reading