entirely too few words in praise of the long-suffering debo, who has been hearing about this project since the beginning of time

so i’ve been a little silent here because i’ve slaving away elsewhere, readying the sex toboggans- which are (is?), in fact, now titled “DESPERATE WOMEN GAMBLE ALL!” (catchy, non?)- for a future thing.

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i’m working on a theoretical something and i don’t know if i even buy it, so i’ma throw it out to the internets.

here’s my deal:

is “narrative interdependence” a thing?

say you always see two stories presented together. to pick at random… hey, howsabout jackie and liz?

so jackie (and we’re talking 1962- so onassis has not yet happened) is quite obviously the positive example, the woman all women are supposed to want to be like. and liz is the baddie. and they’re presented together in magazines like A LOT. Continue reading